One of Rensink’s specialisations is special and oversized cargo transport. Rensink has the knowledge and capacity to excel within its target market by offering innovation, flexibility and a solution-oriented approach. Long-term relationships with its clients based on mutual respect create a solid basis and always lead to top-quality transport solutions. These transport activities take place mainly within Europe.

The following trailer-type vehicles are available:


  • Flat trailers, with or without side boards
  • Flat hydraulic double and triple telescoping trailers, extendable to 48 metres
  • Double and triple-axle trailers
  • 3-8 axle low-bed semi trailers (singly and doubly extendable)
  • Low-bed trailers in any configuration with bed heights starting at 25cm
  • Modular axles which, in combination with a range of goosenecks and floors (machine floors, narrow beds, extendable vessel floors), can be implemented into any vehicle configuration. Loads can weigh up to 150 tons.